domingo, 25 de enero de 2015


Hi, children!
Next 30th January we are going to celebrate Peace Day at school. Here you are some videos and a game about it. I hope you like them.

There are lots of songs about Peace,  but What a wonderful world and Imagine by John Lennon are my favourite ones. Let´s sing all toghether.

6 comentarios:

  1. Thank you for this videos! Wonderful peace day for all!!!

  2. hello friends i love this game and this videos, are very interesentig!!!
    see you soon

  3. hello marivi and friends!!
    i am very good at the high school!! and.... how are you??
    i hope that everything go well
    one thing marivi, thanks to your help i am good at english..
    i remember when i was horrible at english... i can´t do this without your help thank you, thank you very much.
    i am very happy for writen for you..
    i hope see you soon, maybe see you on Carnival..
    a lot of kisses, Clara.

  4. Thanks a lot, Clara. I´m very happy with your good results at the High School. I think you deserve it because you worked a lot here, so ...congratulations!

  5. hello friends and...marivi i see that you saw the comentary of my sister clara, and you are very happy true? i hope that yes

    PD: my sister help a little for my for writen the comentary